On the edge Images | Dan Garcia
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Dan Garcia

"On the edge is not a company that manufactures a product just for monetary reasons. It is a company that can take one's ideas, thoughts, and visions; enhance them and turn them into reality. On the edge is staffed with a group of personnel that envisions far beyond the realm of just settling for the standard level of complicity in the industry. The staff continuously raises the bar on themselves to go far beyond the curve to give quality and perfection that far exceeds the customers expectations. Many companies that are in the business of photography and marketing will take the standard middle of the road safe approach, but if you're willing to experience beyond what is expected, then let Deke Cloyd and his staff detour you to a higher level and show you what is . . . . .'On the edge.'"

Dan Garcia
Inland Northwest Thunderbird Club
Spokane, Wa