On the edge Images | Jill Ide
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Jill Ide

"When you work on big company projects like a fundraiser, you need to outsource various aspects of the project. Sometimes you need a company that is able to tackle multiple tasks in a timely manner. This year, we not only needed a capable company to create our marketing for our annual event, keeping in mind our logo and branding, but also create our evening program in collaboration with the person responsible for the details. Most of the evening program was finalized over a weekend of calls back and forth with On the edge. Not only did they perform at the highest levels possible for this type of work, they also made suggestions about how to do it better so that we had a wonderful product at the end of the night.

"Right before the event, we ran into problems with the audio / visual company we had hired. On the edge stepped in and literally 'Saved the day' by taking over visual pieces and putting them all together for our organization and helped us to have a smooth-running presentation the night of our event. The photos they take are outstanding, the marketing materials they create have been perfect for us, and the advice they offer at ALL hours of the day and night have made them indispensable to our organization. The service that On the edge delivers is outstanding and now that we have a full-service company like On the edge as part of our team, we do not wish to go back to outsourcing to three or four different companies for pieces when we can have the whole package with On the edge.

"They receive our HIGHEST recommendation!"

Jill Ide
Community Connections Director
Northwest Autism Center