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Kirsten Straight

"Hillyard Community Futures, a non-profit organization dedicated to continued revitalization of it's historic community, credits our ongoing relationship with On the edge Media Group for our substantial successes. Deke CLoyd, owner and C.E.O. of OTE is known for his very creative, innovative and artistic approaches to solutions for a wide variety of clients.

Along with his highly skilled, professional staff, Deke has become the go-to person for unique designs for logo's, business card's, document's, banners for festivals, poster's for local merchants, stunning photography for family events, and broadcast media productions that promote community wide economic development. Especially appreciated are both the time OTE spends paying attention to details when listening to clients' ideas and goals, then the follow-up time spent before final productioin to verify convergence with the client's original vision.

When others see what On the edge has created for Hillyard Community Future's, they always asked immediately for their contact information - - and then those individuals and organizations thank us later for the impact On the edge's work produced for their own enterprises.

Our Hillyard Community Futures Board highly recommends On the edge Media Group to those who are searching for quality work with lasting positive results."

-Kirsten Straight
Founding Board Member
Hillyard Community Futures