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"My experience with 'On the edge' over the past two years has been nothing short of exceptional. I am a frontline leader for one of the nation's top 5 supermarket corporations and utilize this company's services to detail and enhance a wide array projects that fall outside my own corporations marketing or publishing scope. Large or small, I have found that no matter what type of task I place in their hands, On the edge consistently delivers first class quality, with the consistency and urgency that a fast paced industry like mine demands.
I have particularly come to appreciate the amount of detail that On the edge puts into each of my assignments. When I present them with a project, they go the extra mile to assist me in thinking through each aspect of the undertaking and what options are available to creatively enhance the final product. Furthermore, once we agree to a plan as to what the end result will look like, they always provide me with a rough draft of the item for my approval before they proceed to production. It's this type of communication and collaboration that allows me to rest assured that my money is well spent, and that I'm going to get precise outcome that I seek time and time again."


Dan Hardy
Assistant Store Director
Spokane, Wa